How to add a photo to your listing

In order to appear in the directory or event calendar entry, your photo or image must be online (not on your computer). That is to say that your image must be either ... The steps are as follows:
  1. Go to the web page where your image is ...
  2. Select the web address (URL) of the image and copy it.
    To obtain the URL of the image with a ...
    • PC Internet Explorer = right click on the image> Properties> URL
    • PC Firefox = right click on the image> Copy Image Location
    • MAC = right click on image> copy the image address or drag the image into the address bar of your browser.
  3. Come back to our website and click on the 'Insert/edit Image' icon Insert/edit image of the box "Description" and paste the URL (web address of the image) into the "Image URL" slot, and enter "image" in the "Image description" slot.
  4. Click on the tab "Appearance" and check the width of the image - if it exceeds 600 px, reduce it and it will resize according to the original proportions.
  5. Click "Insert".
And voila, your image is added to your listing!
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